Chakra essential oils roller bottles
Sienna Blue Handmade

Chakra essential oils roller bottles

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•Crystal infused •10ml bottles •Blended with grapeseed as a carrier oil

Each created with a different chakra in mind, containing an aromatherapy blend & infused with crystals chosen for their healing abilities for the specified chakra.

Crown - Frankincense and clary sage. Clear Quartz infused.

Third eye - Lavender. Amethyst infused.

Throat - Eucalyptus and lavender. Sodalite infused.

Heart - Rose geranium. Rose Quartz infused.

Solar plexus - Lemon and rosemary. Citrine infused.

Sacral - Sweet orange & sandalwood. Carnelian infused.

Root - Sage & bergamot. Red Jasper infused