Festive Cheers Cocktail Kit
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Festive Cheers Cocktail Kit

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‘Tis (always) the season, for great cocktails! Whether you're an experienced mixologist or just starting to explore the world of infused spirits, the Festive Cheer(s) Infused Cocktail Kit is right at the top of the Nice List. Our high-durability lab glass Infusion Bottle with walnut-finish cap infuses half of a standard bottle of spirits (375 ml) - enough for 6+ cocktails with each batch. It features a purpose- designed, stainless steel infusion basket ready to hold a single packet of any of the 3 different 1pt infusion blends included inside. You also get a reusable, gold-finish, stainless steel Tasting Straw so that you can taste-test during the infusion process, and a recipe booklet for 6 seasonal infused cocktails to get you into the festive spirit. Kit contains enough infusion blend for 36 cocktails. Infusion Blend Refills sold separately.

In the box:
1pt Infusion Bottle + Reusable Tasting Straw
1pt Cinnamon Blend – subtle, lemon-focused blend is crisp and refreshing
1pt Chocolate Blend – the true flavor of chocolate without the need for added sugar
1pt Rossa Blend
 – combines tangy hibiscus and luxurious bitter Mediterranean citrus

    What You Need

    • a 1pt Blend Packet
    • 375ml of spirits (half a standard bottle)
    • Any lidded vessel that holds at least 375ml of liquid (our 1pt Infusion Kit is purpose built for this) 

    For Standard Infusions (spirits)

    1. Add ALL of the contents of one (1) 1pt Infusion Blend Packet into your vessel
    2. Add 375ml of spirit into the same vessel, seal lid, and set a timer for the Infusion Time listed on the back of the 1pt Infusion Blend Packet
    3. Once the infusion timer expires, strain the now-infused spirit liquid, discard the used infusion blend material, and reserve the infused spirit for your cocktails (our 1pt Bar Bottle+ is designed for this purpose but you can use any bottle you like)

    1pt infusion blends are constructed from carefully developed formulas of all-natural dried ingredients.  They are blended at an FDA-approved facility in the USA exclusively for 1pt and contain absolutely no dairy, gluten, sugar, additives, or GMO.  

    1pt is a revolutionary approach to flavoring spirits.  We believe infusion is the future of cocktails in the era of craft. It's a simple and direct way to add a wide variety of subtle, elegant, and even exotic flavors to your drink without the need for loads of strange and expensive standalone mixers, bitters, or other ingredients.