Banana-peño Hot Sauce
Banana-peño Hot Sauce
Springfield Trading Co

Banana-peño Hot Sauce

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Banana-peño is here! I told ya'll we aren't playin around. This sauce right here will make your eyes roll into the back of your head, tricking your brain into thinking you're in flavor-heaven. Smoked jalapeños peppers Habanero peppers Aged rum Garlic Sugar cane Cumin Smoked bananas ' Agave nectar.

We’re a small batch hot sauce company in Springfield, Missouri, that creates fiercely flavorful hot sauces. Our flagship product is Spicy Garlic, a mouthwatering three pepper hot sauce with a punch of smashed garlic (vampires beware) and a pinch of sweet. We’re not a watered down hot sauce. We believe in letting the peppers (and garlic!) take center stage. Our goal from the beginning was to make a hot sauce that is full of flavor but not melt your face off.

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