Seagrass Splatter Platter and Basket Set
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Seagrass Splatter Platter and Basket Set

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Discover the elegance of our Splatter Platter and Basket Set, featuring stunning hand-painted details on a stoneware tray. This three-piece set includes a beautifully woven seagrass basket and a metal spreader. With measurements of 13" x 5" for the platter and 14" x 6" for the tray, this set is both practical and stylish. For maintenance, we recommend hand washing or spot cleaning, avoiding soaking and ensuring immediate drying. Elevate your dining experience with this exquisite Splatter Platter and Basket Set.

Dimensions: tray 5" x 13" | basket 6" x 14" | spreader 5 1/2"
Material: Stoneware
Care Instructions: Hand wash or spot clean with soft cloth. Do not soak. Dry immediately.